The Solar-Galactic Cycle and Major Watersheds in the Evolution of Life

Renn Butler

From Archai Issue 8, 2022

I was inspired to pursue this research by Stanislav Grof’s remarkable article “2012: End of the World or Consciousness Revolution?” After reading it, I was curious to examine some of the most important archaeological discoveries and turning points in human history from the past 100,000 years, to see if they might correlate with crucial points in the 25,772-year cycle which the Mayans describe in their celebrated codices. This became my article “The Prophetic Mayan Macro-Astrology.”

As I was working on that project, I began to wonder if there might be some even-larger cycle in the heavens that would encompass some of the evolutionary watersheds of the formation of the solar system and life on Earth. During that same week, Stan sent me an article about cycles of geologic disturbances—which was a remarkable synchronicity and suggested that he was thinking along the same lines. When I examined the rotation of our Sun around the center of the galaxy and saw that it followed a 230-million-year cycle, I was immediately intrigued. The formation of the Sun itself is estimated to have occurred 4.6 billion years ago, which is exactly twenty cycles of the rotation of the Sun around the galactic center: 230 million years per cycle x 20 cycles = 4.6 billion. The Sun’s formation from a massive cloud of gas and dust, followed by the initiation of nuclear fusion in its core, is the seminal event in the history of our solar system and of all known life. It is the primary source of the light and energy which make our very existence possible.

What follows is my preliminary research in this new form of inquiry which we might call solar-galactic cosmology.

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