Archai: Issue 8

Uranus and the Creation of Novelty

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About the Issue:

Uranus is the Promethean spark of revolutionary change, inspiration, and breakthrough, but also of rupture, breakup, and breakdown. The contributors to this issue—including Eliza Robertson, Renn Butler, Maud Gemmeke, and Michael Kiyoshi Salvatore—look past the time of crisis in which we have been so deeply immersed, past the collective egoic death mediated by politics, pandemic, and climate change, to possibilities for rebirth and renewal. Articles discuss the Uranian emergence of novel collective movements in society, and in intellectual and artistic cultures, from music and film to autoethnography and generational theory. Some of the pieces not directly concerned with Uranus are meditations on astronomical bodies or aspect points beyond the ten primary planets which have formed the foundational pantheon of our discipline, each piece variously enacting the boundary-transgressing and novelty-pursuing qualities associated with Uranus, though always in complex integration with the rigorous discernment and respect for established modes correlated with Saturn. All of these articles make valuable contributions to the collective creation of a novel mode of relation that may emerge from the crisis in which we have been embroiled, a mode for which archetypal cosmology may play an important, perhaps even central, role.

Edited by Grant Maxwell Published by Persistent Press