Call for Papers: Issue 9

During the 1990s, the outer planets Uranus and Neptune formed a conjunction, heralding a new era of spiritual exploration and technological idealism. This pivotal moment saw the emergence of modern-world cornerstones such as widespread use of the internet, an embrace of multiculturalism and spiritual diversity, the impulse to integrate science and spirituality, and a unifying call for social and environmental well-being. The art, literature, music, and film from the 1990s are imbued with a sense of wonder, liminality, anticipation, and the feeling of being on the cusp of awakening—perhaps even transcendence. As the current sextile between Uranus and Neptune unfolds, and with a Saturn-Neptune conjunction moving into orb, it offers us an ideal moment to reflect on the dreams and promises of that recent conjunction.

The Archai journal invites scholars, thinkers, and practitioners to contribute to our forthcoming issue, Visions and Revisions: The Enduring Legacy of the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction, which delves into the dynamic interplay and enduring archetypal themes of Uranus and Neptune. Through the prism of archetypal cosmology, we seek to uncover the multifaceted implications of these archetypal forces. Our goal is to foster an inclusive discourse that encompasses a broad spectrum of perspectives to address the following inquiries:

In what ways can we understand more deeply the multivalent expression of the archetypes of Uranus and Neptune through the wisdom of retrospection?

What insights or philosophies from the era of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction might we have overlooked, forsaken, or left unexamined?

How have the idealistic visions of the ’90s been integrated into the fabric of our current societal and individual paradigms?

How do millennials engage with, diverge from, or carry forward the spiritual and technological imprints of that time?

We are accepting papers for the four main sections of the journal:

  • Theoretical Foundations of Archetypal Cosmology
  • Archetypal Analysis of Culture and History
  • The Archetypal Eye
  • Book Reviews

We welcome proposals and full articles between 4,000 and 10,000 words. Abstracts can be submitted in advance. Articles must be written and cited in Chicago style and submitted as a Word document. For full submission guidelines see: Article submissions and queries may be sent to

Submission Deadline for Completed Articles October 19, 2024