Game, Set, Match . . . Nadal

An Archetypal Analysis of Rafael Nadal’s Personal Transit of Uranus to Jupiter

Keiron Le Grice
From Archai Issue 2, 2010

Even in a career defined by a precocious level of achievement, for Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal the fifteen-month period between January 2008 and April 2009 was extraordinarily successful. The likeable, courteous, and modest twenty-four-year-old from Mallorca embarked on an incredible winning streak that saw him claim the French Open title in Paris, the Wimbledon championship in London, win a gold medal for Spain at the Beijing Olympics, and reach the semi-finals of the other Grand Slam tournaments at the U.S. Open in New York and the Australian Open in Melbourne in 2008, before winning the Australian Open for the first time in early 2009. Nadal’s triumphant year was crowned as he claimed the coveted position as world number one in the men’s Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) rankings after years as number two in the shadow of the Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer.

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