Holotropic Research and Archetypal Astrology

Stanislav Grof
From Archai Issue 1, 2009

In this article, Stanislav Grof addresses the interface between transpersonal psychology and the astrological perspective, describing his collaboration with Richard Tarnas and the connections they discovered between the planetary archetypes and the psychodynamics of the unconscious. This paper presents the remarkable evidence in support of archetypal astrology from Grof’s research into non-ordinary states of consciousness over the last five decades.

Psychedelic substances, in general, and LSD, in particular, can profoundly influence the functioning of the human psyche. Depending on the personality of the individual who takes them and on the “set and setting,” their effect can be extremely beneficial or deleterious. Two people can take the same substance, the same dosage, in the same location, and yet have radically different, even diametrically opposite experiences. For this reason, since the beginning of psychedelic experimentation, researchers have attempted to find ways of predicting what impact these substances would have on the person who takes them.

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